14k Citrine Earring Ring and Pendant Set

14k Citrine Earring, Ring ,and Pendant Set
14k Citrine Earring, Ring ,and Pendant Set
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Product Description

14k Citrine Gemstone w/ Earring Ring and Pendant Set,

A stunning gemstone surrounded by diamonds and set on 14kt white gold.

These wonderful Citrine earrings have a combined weight of .50 carat brilliant diamonds and 3.59 carat in Citrine Gemstone carefully crafted in 14k White Gold.

Pendant: .21 carats brilliant diamonds and 1.95 carat Citrine Gemstone.

Ring: .28 carat brilliant diamond and 2.19 carat Citrine Gemstone

A bright yellow, round Citrine set. Each earring dangles elegantly from a diamond paved hoop, set in 14k white gold. Pendant & ring surrounded by diamonds.

More on Citrine Gemstones: Citrine is a birthstone for the month of November. Almost all of the citrine gemstones are made out of heat-treated amethyst minerals. Citrine stones usually come in a rich yellow color and are widely used in jewelry.

* Please Note: Color Intensity/Saturation can vary from item to item.